Saturday, May 31, 2008

the long breath.... and now I'm back

After a long hiatas in which I completed an education degree, I have returned to my much neglected blog. It's time to start posting work again. I wonder how many blog readers will be sparked into action? Maybe just Kingsley and Bargen, with an outside chance of Renton. We'll see. Now I where the hell did i put those files?......

....ah here we go. This is the farewell pic for the Kingsley's created for their farewell party and Place announcement. It is an ode to the Kingsley graphic style. A blatant rip off of one of James' famous "Sacred heart" classic prints....

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

art foster parent program

Now that i've finished my BFA in the Visual arts department, i no longer have a nice studio space to store my paintings. So i offer up my painting to you, my friends, with potential empty wall space yearning for a painting. Below is a link to paintings i'm currently trying to find foster homes for. If any interest you let me know via the comment box, email (, phone, or whenever you see me next and i'll get it over to you.... thanks guys....
  • Link to art in need of a foster parent. Click on a particular image to get size details
  • Friday, April 27, 2007

    "all sorts" 2007 Uvic grad show

    Some shots of the opening and work in the all sorts exhibition april 20/07.

  • link to all sorts photos on my flickr site

  • link to all sorts photos on James Kingsleys flickr site
  • Saturday, January 13, 2007

    Here is a painting i did last semester. cow dung and clay base with acrylic paint, dyes and tumeric. Part of the AngloIndian series for my grad project. I left the edges of raw canvas exposed. Some people seem to like the exposed canvas others not. My advisor argues that it makes the image seem like a fragmant rather than as a complete image. My retort has been that i want to create a fragmented feeling with some of the images to stress that image series are fragments of memories and impressions that encompass the AngloIndian experience. What do you think? and Why? I'm interested in how it's coming across. Is the exposed canvas too distracting?

    Here are two paintings used at the Place recently. The first is an old classic by James Nesbitt. It was used to illustrate church community as discussed by Randy Hein on Sunday Jan 6/07. The second painting is by Vanessa Carter. The dot pattern has parallels to Northern Australian aboriginie paintings i've seen. I can't remember what sunday this painting was used for.

    In my spare time i've been working on a canadiana mix of music and images for my cousins in Belgium. what started as a quick mix cd has grown in a multiple disc project. It's been hard to try to emcompass everything. I've got some obvious classic slash stereotypical canadiana that needs to be added like Stompin Tom Connors, Neil Young, Guess Who, Joni Mitchell, Ashley MacIsaac, Gordon Lightfoot, The Hip, Spirit of the West... that sort of stuff. But i've also got Of Montreal, The Unicorns, all fragments of the Broken Social Scene, Hayden, Constantines, and some hip hop. I'm having issues with bluegrass and country, just because i don't really know it well. Of course my bias towards certain genres or particular artists does come into play. Sorry no Jann Arden or Rush has made the mix, although i'm teasing the idea of adding "tom sawyer" just for fun. I'm trying to be as fair as possible. I want some french language inclusions even though i don't understand more than a few words of french. Also added are some audio clips of Canadians like Russell Peters, William Shatner. I'd like short audio clips from degrassi high, Coaches Corner, Kids in the Hall, David Suziki, SCTV, etc, but i've found it difficult with my limited patience for the internet. If you guys have any or find any, send it my way please via:
    In my search i've been suprised by a few artists i didn't realize were canadian. The Band has a mix of canadian arrtists, The Stampeders (although the name seems so obviously Albertan now that i know. In case you don't recognize the name they did "sweet city woman"). I didn't know Rufus Wainwrigt had a tinge of canadian in him (but maybe you all knew).... Anyways i'm rambling about a subject only Kingsley and I are interested in. so i'll shut up now and go do some real work like my fun Geography assignment... fun....

    Banksy. The British guerilla artist fighting the good fight.(click on image to enlarge in case you didn't know. trust me it's worth the 10 seconds) I'm tempted to screenprint this on a shirt, although i'm not sure whether that would that be ironic or hypocritical?

    Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    UVic December exhibition/auction

    Thanks to everyone who came out. I know it was kind an Inconveniant time to come for many of you. Unfortunetly the overall numbers weren't as great as they could have been due to the time of year VASA choose to put on an exhibition. The effort was there though. The food was good, the music thank to Magda [sic] was great. The auctioneer was hilarious. I forget what his name was, but he looked like a more pimpin version of Daddy Warbucks. Thanks to mostly family and friends five out of the seven paintings i contributed were sold.

    ^ a different version of this painting of my grandfather, John Eden Andrews was sold at the auction.

    Friday, December 15, 2006

    my tribute (image on the left) to Rene Magritte (image on the right). a truly amusing artist. liked visual tricks and puns. definetly had more fun than many of the other surrealists who took themselves so seriously. he was a belgian too, if i'm not mistaken.

    the feutus/ ultrasound as christmas image? Kingsly and I are going to display some sort of ultrasound shot for the Place probably this week. It'll be interesting to see how it is recieved. The Advent theme this week is love, so i think it's an appropriate fit. I don't know if we'll use this specific image. This is a painting i did for a silent auction fundraiser a few years ago for a pregnancy center.

    "Officer beat down" an old classic. Strangly popular at Adam and Brysons art show parties.

    Thursday, December 14, 2006

    Vriksaka Yaksis, one of the paintings in the UVic december exhibition/auction. A Yaksis is a nature diety. Vriksaka is a tree goddess. This image with clay, dung, acrylic, and rice paste on canvas is an interpretation based on a 12 CE statue from India. This painting got its first bid thanks to Scot and Laura Wood. Thanks guys.

    a painting i did as a final project for my Indigenous studies 371 class. each of these four people represent different areas in which Aboriginal people are revitalizing their cultures and ways of learning. left to right: Margerat Cook (Namgis Kwak'Waka Wakw) linguistics, George Littlechild (Northern Cree) artist, Lorna Williams (Lil'wat) educator, Richard Oakes (Mohawk Akwasasne) activist. The women on the far left was known to me as Ada or in Kwak'wala "mother". She was the first grandmother figure in my life as a small child. She also helped revitalize the Kwak'wala language in Alert bay (Namgis territory).
    It's not my best work, or should i say i'm not completly satisfied with it. But it has grown on me over the last couple of weeks....

    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    UVic December Exhibition

    "A Black Tie Fine Art Auction and Fundraiser"
    December 11-16th 12:00-4:00pm is the exhibition viewing, silent bids, and pre-sales
    December 16th 7:00-9:30pm is the official opening (with food and booze!). free admission.
    and then at 8:00pm the Live Auction starts....

    This show is going to make or break VASA's (the Visual arts students assoc.) ablility to put on more exhibitions as a fundraising strategy. It'll be interesting to see how this all unfolds over the next few days. I put seven pieces in the show. It's good because there is a 50/50 split of the profits for each work sold between VASA and the individual artist. I'm hoping to generate some funds as the end of the year is always so tight for cash.... Like i said we'll see how things unfold....